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Tech-norm is a consulting and engineering firm specialized in electrical and mechanical installations.
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The obeyed philosophies and strategies in fulfilling our tasks are usually in accordance with various important factors; some of which are:

  1.  Safety conditions and requirements.
  2. Reliability.
  3.  Quality of service.
  4. Economical factors.
  5. Deadlines.


Safety conditions are the most important issue considered in fulfilling any design work. Selected option in any step is chosen after being sure that it is the safest option regardless of other less important factors.

Service reliability is an important issue that we usually taken into consideration. This motive is very important especially in sensitive buildings such as data centres, hospitals, and VIP buildings. 

We usually works high standing project; i.e. options that provide maximum quality of service are highly recommended.

Economical motives are taken into consideration when they have limited side effects on other more important mentioned motives (safety, reliability, quality of service). In fact economical concerns are of two categories: installation and running costs.

Our engineering team usually study any designed project and submits to the clients a list of suggested options (if applicable). These options are to reduce the project cost for the interest of the client without affecting quality of service, and other important motives.


We give great concerns to dead lines; we insist on considering that our stick to deadlines is part of the confidence that we build with our clients.


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